Inspiration & Perspiration:
Danielle Trussoni’s Newsletter

May 23rd, 2020

“Genius is 1 Percent Inspiration and 99 Percent Perspiration.”
– Thomas Edison

 Good morning from the writing cave, where I am taking the morning to get organized. I’ve gone through the pages of the new novel I’m working on and put them in an outline form, I’ve collected dirty coffee cups and water glasses from my desk, and now I’m going to put some order to the writing cave itself. Clean up the clothes lying about. Organize my books. Here is a picture of my messy, but much loved, writing space:

I find that letting my writing space drift into chaos can be inspirational. It is like creating a cocoon around me, one of post-it notes and novels and a hundred different colored pens. While I am quite strict with myself about my writing habits, and keeping my work organized, I often find that a creative mess helps me feel like I’m in my element. Do you have similar workspace peccadillos? Where do you work? Do you prefer order or chaos in your space?

Some exciting news: Crypto-Z, the audio drama podcast I wrote and produced with my husband Hadrien (who is the director/ producer/editor and all-around marketing genius) has been creating a lot of buzz. We have had tens of thousands of downloads and a lot of incredible reactions.

If you haven’t heard it, subscribe (free!) here on Apple Podcasts.

We are having a Zoom event this Sunday at 4:30 EST to listen to the latest episode with the actors. Come join us! Just text us here for your Zoom link: (646) 229-3423.

This week, my latest horror column for The New York Times went online. Here’s a link if you’d like to read it. I reviewed these novels:

I enjoyed all of them—I don’t choose books that I hate to review but I am particularly keen to help give the debut authors a boost. These authors are publishing novels in a difficult climate, so let’s support them!

This week I have been working hard on a new novel. While my mind is in another place, I am still doing interviews about The Ancestor. I’m excited to see that there is still a lot of interest in my novel.

Perhaps because of the pandemic, and the fact that bookstores were closed during the book’s publication, it will reach readers in new ways. Please, if you’ve read The Ancestor, recommend it to your friends! Put it on your social media. Spread the word. Here are two places you can leave a review of the book: Goodreads and Amazon.

There is so much going on, and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you! Thank you for being part of my week. May you find inspiration in your life and work.

Danielle Trussoni