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April 1st Newsletter

“Genius is 1 Percent Inspiration and 99 Percent Perspiration.”
– Thomas Edison

We are in that excruciating moment of the year with days that are warm and sunny and tantalizingly close to spring, and then days that slip back into the cold gray gloom of winter. Between March and April in upstate New York, the weather is a rollercoaster. We’re tired of snow. We’re tired of gray skies. And everyone I know needs a little color.

So, I will start my April newsletter off with this beautiful color gradient puzzle that I’ve recently found. I love it so much I made it the screensaver on my desktop.


It is a Clemens Habicht 5000 piece “Impossible” puzzle, one of the most difficult puzzles out there. I love abstract puzzles, especially ones with bright colors, partially because I find that pure color creates a kind of buzzing in my mind that (simply put) makes me happy.  Here is a list of difficult puzzles, if you’re game.

There is more to celebrate than spring this April. The paperback of my novel The Ancestor is out on April 13th. It has been a weird year for my little book, with all of my in-person events canceled last year, and bookstores largely closed when the hardcover was published, and so I am hoping my book gets a second life this spring. Which reminds me! If you’ve read The Ancestor, I’d be so grateful if you reviewed it on Goodreads or Amazon, as this helps others to find my book.
I was so disappointed to cancel my events last year because one of my favorite experiences in publishing is to meet my readers in person. I may not be able to see you in person, but we can meet virtually in April.

I will be reading with Julie Metz on Tuesday, April 13th from 7:00 to 8:00 pm EST for a free event with Book Ya Ya. Register here to join us!

And I will be having a more intimate discussion with Book the Writer on April 19th, in which readers can join me to talk about The Ancestor, writing, or really anything you want to discuss. It is really more like a Writerly hang out, and I’m excited to be able to spend time with my readers. To join me for that, sign up here. If you send me proof of registration, I will mail you signed bookplates for your book.

To celebrate the paperback release, I will be giving away 25 copies of The Ancestor in April. There will be 4 giveaways, one each week. To enter, check in with me on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook during the month as these giveaways will all involve some social media interaction.

I’ve been reading a lot for the Summer Horror column, which will be out in June. Here are some of the novels that have come to me recently in the mail.


Simple pleasures have helped me through this Covid winter. I’ve spent a lot of time inside reading and writing, but when I want to zone out, I knit.


I just made this mohair wrap in a beautiful color called “milk tea.” I bought this gorgeous yarn from Loopy Mango. I’ve also been perfecting my latte art. Here is my latest bit of luck: an apple in my cappuccino.


Writing can get lonely, so I’m always happy to hear from you. Tell me what you’ve been up to, what you’re reading, and any exciting news in your life.

I’m grateful to you for sharing your time with me. May your month be filled with good work and much inspiration.

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